SFX Live featuring Alan Murphy

LIVE AUDIO - SFX in London 1979-1981

So here they are - 14 rare recordings, mostly from SFX gigs at the Cricketers Pub, Kennington. Audio quality is as good as you can expect from a 3rd generation cassette copy. If you were there I hope this brings back memories!
  1. Unknown Track 1
  2. Unknown Track 2
  3. Bum from Baghdad
  4. Six Eight
  5. Heavy Bongo
  6. Unknown track 3
  7. Doom Bap Bap
  8. Unknown Track 4
  9. Unknown Track 5
  10. Mr Murphy's Mints
  11. Unknown Track 6
  12. Space Shuttle
  13. Unknown
  14. What's Going On Feat. Moon and Carol Kenyan on vox
  15. Mr Murphy's Mints feat. Nico Ramsden on Guitar

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(please update me with any info you have)
'Murphy's Mints 2' is an earlier recording of the Stapleton All Stars with Nico Ramsden also on Guitar. Many thanks to Andy Drudy for this one
'What's Going On' features Moon and Carol Kenyon on Vocals
Many thanks to Felix Krish for providing some of the titles - any more would be welcome
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